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About Us

Colin McNally B.A.(Hons), F.C.M.A, C.G.M.A Managing Director

At CJM, we like to think we are a little bit out of the ordinary when it comes to accountancy and financial management. You see we work with people rather than with numbers. We have an interest in local business; in a business like yours.

You have plans for your business and they are important to you. You have ambition and you want to grow your business or build on the success you’ve enjoyed thus far. Smart financial management is a key requirement of running a profitable business whichever stage you’re at.

You need our help. With CJM managing financial matters, you are free to invest your energy where your business needs it most.

We admit to being a little different, but here’s why you’ll like us;

  1. Knowledge is important. Mistakes in finance are usually the result of carelessness or ignorance. You prefer to work with someone who knows what they’re talking about, so do we. We’ll bring twenty years of experience in finance to your business.
  2. We’ll know your actual business or organisation. We’ll visit you out there in the real world to get a feel for what you do. We’ll know who works for you, what you aim for and how best to help you reach your goals.
  3. You’ll know us. We’re not interested in panicked midnight phone calls when everything has gone wrong and you’re trapped trying to put out every kind of fire. You’ll see us often and you can ask us anything, any problems that you might have will be snuffed out in the early stages.
  4. You’ll find us useful in a tight spot. Every business has its ups and downs, especially in times like these. We’ll take on the difficult issues and find solutions that work for you.
  5. We guarantee that our relationship will make your business stronger.

Call us now on 01563 551 421 or email: to discuss the future of your business.

Colin McNally B.A.(Hons), launched CJM Accountancy and Financial Management in 2008 in Ayrshire, South West Scotland. Colin is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management, a registered CIMA Member in Practice.

Our aim is to keep it straight forward.

We look forward to working with you and your organisation.

Colin McNally

Colin McNally B.A.(Hons), F.C.M.A, C.G.M.A Managing Director

CJM Accountancy and Financial Management Services
A trading name of CJM Project Financial Management Ltd
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Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry