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Happy Birthday to me .. well CJM

by Colin McNally in Articles

Wow - where does 9 years go. I started the business in Spetember 2008. Right in the middle of what was to become a pretty long lasting ression. Not  agreat time people said. However in the end when is the right time to start a business. When times are good - possibly not everyone is starting business, and if things go well easily and early how do you cope with the tough times.


I woke up to find my main "USP" financial management of projects was not in great demand - projects werent in great demand during a recesision. The belt was tightening. However through the development of the methodology which we have stuck with throughout the years we percerveared and we are still standing today.


We have had to change our offerring and we continue to keep it fresh and the three distinct areas of the business;

Economic Development support for the public sector

Fianancial management consultancy and Accountancy

Third Sector acountancy and consultancy

have kept us focused.


Well here is to our tenth year.....



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