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Paying The Minimum Wage

by Colin McNally in Articles

What is it about companies - and some of them pretty big that they are not willing to pay employees a minimum level of pay. 

More than 200 staff in Scotland were underpaid by 15 firms, losing out on almost £75,000 in wages.

The firm named for underpaying the most to the 206 workers affected in Scotland in this round was Heather Park Community Services Limited in Newmains, North Lanarkshire, which failed to pay a total of £26,018.63 to 73 workers.

Pizza delivery and takeaway 1st Pizza Direct in Inverness underpaid 87 staff by a total of £25,668.15 while Citi Dental Surgery in Glasgow owed a total of £8,733.33 to two workers.

Hair and beauty firms, cleaning services and catering were among the other sectors featured.

They should all be ashamed



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