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Don't Panic Don't Panic - Do Panic Start Stockpiling food

by Colin McNally in Articles

Is this the selling opportunity of the decade so far.....

Create a panic, everyone will buy loads of stuff that they don't need and then store it until the ......well thats the issue, until nothing happens.

Remember Y2K...yep best pay day I ever had at the time. 4 hours work Jan 2nd, - paid for the day at trebble time plus a day in lieu... result... 

So now we can havea batch of consultants getting paid a fortune (most likely the big four or six) advising companies and governments how to survive the big "Brexit" stockpiling issue.

Will it happen - sorry the crystal ball is not working today. But being the sad accountant and lived through the odd panic before... I doubt matter if we stay in or leave.



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