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31st October or Bust

by Colin McNally in Articles

Boris has arrived as our new Prime Minister.

He was voted in with a very large majority from his party and has established a cabinet of those who are backing his plans. Therefore based on that we will leave the EU on the 31st October.

We have been working this week with Co-Innovate - a Scottish / Eire joint project for collaboration and partnership. Working with a firm in Oban (who has just been on the Scotish News this morning for its innovation) tey prtner with a firm in Northern Ireland and one also in Monaghan.

The company will gain a £300,000 grant towards its innovative technology and we were very happy to be involved in the financial Due Dilligence. 

The Monghan company has considerable Brexit plans and also used a government backed grant scheme. They ae very well prepared.

So the question for all businesses is that should they be truly getting down to some serior planning for Brexit impact? Remember there are grants available.



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