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Archive of: September, 2016

Conflict - In a charity - thats a grey area

Ensuring that the third sector organisations board members are free from conflic of interests either personally or through organisations should never be grey.


Third Sectors "state of independence" shall be

Why do charities not read the rules or understand the game before they join.

Many charities have close links to other bodies, for example those that are reliant on another body, such as the Scottish Government, for funding, or those that carry out a significant amount of work for another body.

This part is normal, but not always adhered to.


Complexity - its the charities worst nightmare

Complex governance structures can create doubt over who is in charge and can increase the risk of damaging internal disputes.


Charities - time to get "governance" focused

3 steps to good charity governance

 •            Complex governance structures can make it harder for charities to function effectively

•             Conflicts of interest are also a common problem, and can lead to charities receiving unwanted attention from regulators

•             We take a closer look at three key features of good governance for Scottish charities

Good governance is essential to the smooth running of any charity.


The Times they are a taxing

Firms giving advice on aggressive tax avoidance could face large fines

I suppose about time – the question is let’s be realistic those who are in bed with the government will most likely drag this out for years and it will be watered down. So the part will continue.

Accountants, lawyers and consultants whose multibillion pound industry provides advice on how to aggressively avoid tax could face large financial penalties under government proposals.


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