Jake’s Coffee and Pottery


Jake’s Coffee and Pottery

Contact Name: xxx
Location: xxx
Company Sector: Food & Drink, Art
Company Structure: Partnership
Trading Start Date: 2018

About the Company

After relocating to a rural town with a strong and growing tourist base made up from a significant number of people from the art and creatives sectors, the company was in need of a viable business plan.

With the shop tripling as a storefront, artisan coffee shop and space to hold pottery class workshops, the company needed to consider cash flow plans which would allow them to invest in the future and grow as a business. 

What is the Challenge?

With a small but already established following, any research carried out for the potter had to be considerate of the online market place, the tourist industry, existing customers and the growth in local tourism.

Support Provided

Taking all of this research into consideration, the business plan established market demand for both the pottery and ceramic sales, as well as the need for an additional coffee shop in the area. The coffee shop competition was reviewed and we established exactly what the current market was missing. This ensured the production of a robust and sustainable business plan was established, along with with a review of future growth plans and costings.


After one year in operation, the storefront is thriving. The local population have welcomed the new coffee shop into the community and demand for pottery workshops is high. The company is now looking to grow its online sales and is able to do so thanks to the security of having a sustainable plan in place.

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