Financial Strategy

Optimal Performance Through Strategy

Through precise and coordinated planning CJM have been successfully guiding businesses for more than 10 years. CJM’s founder Colin McNally has more than two decades worth of financial experience under his belt.

By creating a dependable plan and a solid structure to work from, CJM facilitate successful working practices for SMEs and Third Sector organisations. Supporting the organisations growth plans by developing robust business planning and financial forecasting.  Investing in the formation of a consistent company culture, values, methods of operation and overall mission allows us to create an environment in which growth and success become much more probable.

By supporting organisations to plan and implement structure, CJM have an impressive historical track record of boosting efficiency, profitability and most importantly: long-term sustainability within SMEs. Our business planning is tailored to the needs of each individual client to ensure complete satisfaction.

We advise upon crucial business matters such as accurate cash flow forecasting, intelligent overhead management and vigilant spending. Through this type of precise financial planning, we are able to help SMEs better manage their finances and allocate funds appropriately.

By developing effective and reliable financial solutions, CJM frees clients of their financial duties, allowing them to focus on their own strengths. We provide a range of services designed to help businesses to grow.

We can help guide and advise Economic Development teams on current financial protocols and offer our expertise on different situations that may be causing issues within the local economy.

Pathfinder ™ Project Financial Management Methodology

Our highly adept team of experts are able to draw from a wealth of practical experience and knowledge of the financial industry. As well as this, we have developed our own unique methodology tool: PATHFINDER™.

Being able to look ahead and plan for what is coming over the horizon gives us the best possible chance of being able to deal with it. We are able to accurately plan ahead and find solutions for any obstacles that may come our way.

Our financial forecasting tools helps to ensure businesses are able to maintain sufficient funds and keep the business running at its optimum rate.

PATHFINDER™ is a highly complex and precise tool that gives us the ability to deliver improved financial management to our clients through:

  • Enhanced budgeting
  • Improved cost management
  • Developing cost saving and avoidance strategy
  • Implementing structured reporting
  • Improved financial governance and control
  • Reducing total cost of ownership

Equipped with this tool, our team will deliver the best advice, create the most efficient strategies and more accurately forecast a company’s future finances.