Funding your Business – How to Secure Funding?

Business Investor readiness

Thoughts in February turn to investing for the future.

Looking at projects, understanding what the opportunities are and developing the planning to deliver the desired outcome.

To deliver a project you may need funding. You need to define the Funding Package

  • Precisely what is it for?
  • How much is needed?
  • Possible contingency funds?
  • When is it needed?
  • What general funding structure best suits?
  • Acceptability of likely conditions?

Before you start the journey, consider the following tips:

  • Review what finances you already have in place – can you make them work better or harder?
  • A clear understanding of what you plan to do with any external investment?
  • Be prepared to answer tough questions about your business from potential funders?


If you’re looking to secure external finance you’ll need a robust and up-to-date business plan that outlines your financial forecasts.

  • It should clearly state the financial need and related funding proposition.
  • If you’re seeking equity funding, remember to include the forecast return and exit strategy for the investor

What a funder looks for;

  • Experience – do you have the experience needed to deliver the planned project.
  • The right team – do you have the correct advisors and the correct project team to successfully deliver the programme.
  • A clear growth plan – A realistic and structure plan for growth of sales.
  • Owners capital – how much are you willing to invest.
  • Ability to repay – is your plan financially viable.

Throughout 2019 CJM worked with many companies who were looking for funding. From working with companies for start up loans of up to £25,000, Business Loan Scotland for £100,000, RSA investment for £65,000 and private funding including asset and loan funding of £300,000 for one client. We have the experience to work with you company, develop the business plan and financial forecasts to turn your project into financial reality.