Grants & Funding

For all organisations, whether a start-up or a growing enterprise it can be very difficult to get a foothold in the market and even more difficult to sustain that foothold. Through working with a range of private funding partners, third sector grant bodies and public sectors funders (grants and loans) CJM can support growth aspirations by developing funding packages that work for your organisation.

CJM has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to securing grants and funding for businesses and third sector organisations. We can advise on a company’s options and help with the application process.

Sustainability is crucial for a company, by securing funding or receiving grants, a business can further enhance its chances of growing and sustaining success.

In the past year, CJM has, on behalf of clients, successfully worked with funding bodies such as:

  • Private Business Banking
  • Start-Up Loan Company
  • Business Loan Scotland
  • Regional Selective Assistance
  • Co-Innovate Programme
  • Asset and invoice factoring Finance
  • Property Finance (both commercial and buy to let)
  • European Regional Development Fund
  • And many more.