What People Are Saying

Suzanne Smith, Regional Manager dh Recruitment & Driver Hire, Fife – December 2023
I had 3 of my staff on your webinar this morning πŸ™‚. I was listening in and I have to say this has been one of the best training sessions I have ever heard.
Once they got in their heads to use what you were saying in our business lots of things clicked.
And a lot of what you said they were all saying 'that's what you say to us' so thank you for concreting that I give them good advise and training.
Jim, Northwood Central – November 2023
This is the first Business Gateway seminar that I have attended and it will certainly not be the last. I missed the start so unfortunately I didn't pick up the presenter's name. He has a relaxed, easy style of presenting that I found to be very comfortable. He covered a lot of ground but made it easy to follow. Many of the things he said were reminders of things we should be doing rather than new things but this is great reinforcement. He gave us some really useful ways of considering things such as closing, developing a business plan and looking at things for the potential customer's point of view and considering why people buy.
Great seminar (10 out of 10)
Tom – September 2023
Great presentation and really hit the mark for me. No nonsense, straight to the point. Will definitely take a lot of confidence from your advice.
Good luck for the future.
Lucy Todd, Safe Place Beds EU. Rest Assured – August 2023
Thanks for all the help starting up. I still regularly dip into the BG webinars. They are really helpful.
Hugh Lightbody, Chief Officer, Business Gateway National Unit – May 2021
CJM have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the business support sector coupled to a pragmatic and practical approach. CJM are focussed on the customer and their friendly and approachable style ensures that clients feel supported, engaged and open to the considerable learning that they can share. CJM ensures effective delivery of the client brief and responds to the customers requirements, adding value to the process, and increasing the effectiveness of the work their staff engage in through the insight they bring to the table.
Richard Campbell, Business Team Manager, North Ayrshire Council – May 2021
Business Gateway Lead Manager

The team at CJM provide an exceptional service to small businesses. The breadth of their expertise, professionalism and ability to build lasting relationships with small businesses, make them a great choice for growth, development and specialist financial advice.
Craig Rutherford, Business Team Co-ordinator, Business Gateway Fife – May 2021
CJM are a supplier on our Specialist Framework, delivering financial services to businesses in Fife. They are friendly, very helpful and diligent in providing a fantastic service. I would happily recommend them
Rory Grosse, Business Administrator, North Ayrshire Council – May 2021
CJM are 100% professional, easy to work with and perfectly balance delivering exactly what is promised with a method that is easy for everyone to follow no matter what their own level of understanding or experience is. CJM's approach is very flexible and always based around the individual needs of their clients, making them a reliably sound choice and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend CJM for their vast expertise and consistent excellence for any project.
Christine Penman, CMgr, FCMI – May 2021
CJM are highly skilled specialists in the field of finance. Their expertise in Project Financial Management, and supporting Economic Development and SME's is second to none.
Kerry McGuire, Business Adviser, North Ayrshire Council – May 2021
CJM are a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone as I am sure they will impress with their knowledge, skills connections and professionalism.
Craig Hume, Director, Utopia Computers – May 2021
Talented and determined to get the best for the client. I was impressed with CJM's ability to understand the key drivers that were important to my team and connect them to actions that they could deliver.
Sandy Rose, Project Analyst, SCMG
CJM have provided expert advice, training and support to a range of clients from the private, public and third sector, assisting them to sustain and grow their businesses and organisations.
Oliver Buhlinger, Head of Technology, New Intelligence – June 2021
CJM have supported GO LEAN Ltd for the last two years, providing financial management, business planning, fundraising support and smart accountancy services. The service delivery is seamless and digitalised, and I can recommend CJM to any business owner or charity.
Nicola Cosgrove, Investment Readiness Officer, DSL Investment – June 2021
CJM go above and beyond to help clients especially when they are new start businesses and are still learning the world of business. CJM ensures both the business understands their financial planning and business plan but also that they are in a format for a lender.
Jacquelyn O’Brien, Business Growth Adviser, - August 2021
CJM have provided excellent advice to businesses, both large and small, in a wide variety of sectors including non-profits. They bring clarity to complex decision making with their superb technical knowledge and strong ability to communicate.
Willie Stewart, Director, Stewart Travel Consultancy Ltd – May 2021
CJM are consummate professionals and a pleasure to work with. They are knowledgeable, extremely well connected and will bring to you and your team a dynamic dimension that will add impetus to whatever they are tasked with.
Emma McConalogue, Founder of Kesero – May 2021
CJM's early direction and encouragement have been instrumental in going from idea to launching an MVP, which is where I am now. I would encourage anyone to take the time to talk to them.
Vicky Mustard, Digital Marketing Strategist – May 2021
CJM have considerable knowledge of many subjects and are continually looking for innovative ways to improve and help others succeed.
Alistair Hastie, Owner/Managing Director, UK Storage Solutions Ltd – May 2021
CJM provide us with an excellent on point service, allowing us to concentrate on what we do. Over 2 years later we are growing as a company and I would have no issue recommending CJM to any company, start up or existing
Laura Molloy MCIM, Business Owner, Goody Foody Gardens – May 2021
CJM are always professional, committed and goes the extra mile to help everyone. They have a great deal of integrity and I would recommend them to anyone.
Catherine Lawson, Business Owner and Educationalist – May 2021
CJM supported our small business through every stage; business planning, cash flow forecasts, financial management and funding applications. We can’t thank CJM enough.
Gary Ennis, Trainer and Consultant, DigitalBoost – May 2021
Professional but approachable, expert but modest. An excellent team to work with!
Susan Earle, Chartered MCIPD, Associate HR Consultant, Connect Three – May 2021
CJM are consummate professionals with a client centred approach. They go above and beyond to ensure that clients get the best standard of service in the most efficient way.
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