The Court System…

This week I had the pleasure of attending court as a witness. It is a business venture that has went wrong and sadly a previously strong partnership hasn’t ended well.

That’s not the reason for the post… it’s the chaos that surrounds our legal system.

Arriving early before 10 (my allotted time), I went to the reception, who hadn’t heard of the case, they then sent me to the Civil Office, who told me to go sit in a witness room.

In there, I sat opposite the defendant. That was comfortable.

1.5 hours later and a call to the Solicitors firm, I eventually received an update. The scribe hadn’t shown up and therefore it was highly likely that the case would be delayed.

I eventually left the court at 12.30. What a waste of time. What’s worse…in that time six witnesses, two briefs, two policemen were never called. (not all part of this case it should be said). How much has that cost the country in inefficiency and how much has that cost those hiring lawyers. Something should be done.


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