Whisky Distillery


Whisky Distillery

Contact Name: Nick B
Location: South West Scotland
Company Sector: Food & Drink
Company Structure: Limited
Trading Start Date: 2017

About the Company

The client is proposing a unique whisky distillery, brewery and visitor centre in South West Scotland. The goal is to create a unique lowland whisky, several whisky blends, gin and craft beers that will sell both locally and internationally. The 200,000 litre facility will be run by 25 employees and the proposed budget for the distillery is £6m.

What is the Challenge?

The key challenge was to consider a route to market given the ageing profile of whisky. The plan was to develop an initial retail business within the tourist town; this would be a whisky and speciality drinks provider for both tourists and locals alike. In turn, this would become a destination for whisky lovers in the South West and would be the catalyst for the development of the distillery.

In addition, the aim would be to build a small neutral grain spirit plant to allow the more immediate local production and sale of a product. To achieve this, the ideas had to be measured and documented, a business plan developed, and financial forecasts delivered.

Support Provided

The first item was for the client to focus on the timeline and establish the order in which the project would play out.

This focus bought a greater reliance on the initial years of the new shop and retail opportunity. A business plan was developed which included a large volume of market research. This allowed us to fully understand what would be required to develop this project and turn it into a reality. From this, we were then able to prepare a financial forecast.


Armed with a clear business plan, a wealth of market research and accurate financial forecasts, the local authority planning stages for the new distillery and visitor centre are now progressing.

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