Why you need to write a Business Plan

“As the phases of the COVID-19 pandemic progress, invest your lessons learned back into the enterprise to reset strategy and build resilience.”

Quote from www.gartner.com

One of the world largest advisory consultancy firms cannot be wrong, can they?

I was on a KPMG Accountants seminar during the second week of March. The seminar discussed how businesses are to grow and plan for the future. One of the key steps that needs to be taken to allow a firm to grow and secure future funding is to write a robust business plan.

So, I have just presented you with two of the world’s leading accountancy and consultancy firms stating the importance of writing a business plan in order to succeed post-COVID.

However, it gets even better. KPMG said it’s no longer acceptable to simply do a year’s cash flow and business plan. Rather, you’ll need to do an 18–24 months Business Plan and Cash flow forecast.

Business Planning has always something to do when you needed a grant or a loan. However, Business Planning has now become a necessity.

Within the next month or so, most likely by end Spring 2021, with CBILS and Bounce Bank Loans ending, the opportunity for gaining funding will have been drastically reduced.

Therefore, if you are looking to access funds, you will need to go to the funding marketplace with a strong case for what you need the funding for.

Professional business plan writing service

Throughout the past year CJM has delivered 77 Business Plans across a very wide range of industries and sectors.

These business plans have varied greatly and involved Business Planning for the asset transfer of football pitches, funding for the Ardeer Beach Hub and the launch of Scotland’s First Medical Cannaboid Manufacturing site.

Throughout the last twelve months we have supported and worked with projects large and small to reach their targets. Even with the uncertainty and difficulties of the pandemic, we have been able to support businesses and help them achieve their goals by developing their business plans.

We work with you; we develop plans that meet your organisation’s needs, and we partner with you to make it happen. Whether you are a new project, a growing organisation or a business who needs to re-plan in light of the pandemic.

Whether it is a cash flow, financial forecast, financial strategy, or a full business plan, we can support you every step of the way. From optional appraisal and feasibility studies, to representing you at fundraising panels or boards.

Contact colin@cjmaccountancy.co.uk. www.cjmaccountancy.co.uk to see how we can support your business.