Will Accountants be with us in 30 years???

Will accountants still be with us in 2030?

This article follows on from Stephen Whitelaw, the future of digital when he asks whats the chances of Accountants being around in 10 years – 5% is his reply?

I think our death is greatly exaggerated.

Will the world we work in change – completely, and any firm not changing now, is getting to the being too late camp.

Change is inevitable and the virtual accountant is already here and has been for years. However its how you support your client that matters.

This can mean moving into the role of a trusted business advisor or partnering with other organizations to offer specialist services which impact on the bottom line for clients.

“It’s really important accountants give their clients the best service, and with the best will in the world if you’re a two-partner firm, even a five-partner firm, you’ll never be able to have the depth of experience with R&D that we will,” said GovGrant’s CFO Steve Phillips.